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Science Methods


All levels of EKU science methods courses, elementary, middle and secondary, integrated energy throughout the courses.  As the specific teaching topics were addressed the topic of energy was used as the context for addressing that subject.  For example, when students were introduced to science standards, both state and national, they were required to review the standards documents to find how many different places and ways energy was included.  The table below summarizes where and how energy was integrated throughout the courses.

Teaching Topic/Strategy

Teaching Resource/Activit

Energy Content


Energy content scavenger hunt of the current Core Content for

Assessmentand National Science Education Standards


Nature of Science

Build a Sentence (see attached pdf)

Heat and Thermal Energy

Science Misconceptions

Turning the Dial, Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Vol. 2

see attached pdf

Heat and Thermal Energy

Mirror Activity in Minds of our Own

Mirror activitysee attached pdf

Light Energy

Concept Mapping

Mirror Activity in Minds of our Own

Light Energy

Discrepant Events

Ice Melting Blocks see attached pdf

Heat and Thermal Energy

Levels of Inquiry

Roller Coasters, CPO Science


Foam Roller Coasters

Energy Transformations,

Potential & Kinetic Energy

What’s the Reaction  see attached pdf

Chemical Energy

Learning Cycle

Energy Flow in Ecological Systemssee attached pdf

Energy Pyramid

Sounds All Aroundsee attached pdf

Sound Energy

Convection Currents, Convection:  A Current Event, GEMS,

Lawrence Hall of Sciencesee attached pdf


Practical Technology


    Digital Cameras

Endo/Exothermic Reactionssee attached pdf

Food Chain Scavenger Huntsee attached pdf

Chemical Energy

Energy Flow in an Ecosystem


The students’ knowledge and skills learned from these units were assessed in a variety of ways.

1.    As with all other courses in this project, participants were give the Energy Awareness Survey (Please make this a hyperlink to the pdf which is at the website listed above) in a pre/post format

2.    Students were also assessed on their energy content knowledge a content questionnaire (please make a hyperlink to the attached pdf)adapted from the National Energy Education Development Project (please make a hyperlink to

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